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iMac Essentials

By Apple Inc.

  • Release Date: 2015-10-14
  • Genre: Computers
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iMac Essentials provides everything you need to set up and start using your new iMac. Learn how to turn on and use your mouse and keyboard, as well as how to connect to Wi-Fi, use the apps that came with your iMac, and much more.

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  • Where

    By Ms McGee Eloise
    where tf is the review i just wrote? i poured my whole soul into writing it and now nothing.
  • iMac Essentially GREAT!

    By Billstorm
    I received my iMac the day before yesterday. I first turned it on yesterday and set it up. I’d have had less of a problem migrating files from a Windows PC (never going back) if I had read this guide prior to the set up. I wish this was in printed form and came in the box with the iMac. I have learned so much just by reading this guide that I never suspected an iMac can do or how easy it is to do it. Great guide, especially for a new to iMac user. I will be using it as a reference guide whenever if I have to but I don’t believe that will be for too long. Essentially GREAT!
  • Very Helpful

    By Pytdarlene
    Really good overview. Well written, clean instructions.
  • Just Enough

    By Smoothgold
    This is my first iMac after after many years of android products I finnally made that jump and I am so glad I did. This iBook is an easy read a great short book that covered the basic and was an eye opener for me, especially the section on keyboard functions along with many other sections that expain shortcut to using the MAC without boring you to death. Hey, It may not have everthing in it about the MAC but it had enough for me. You know what they say “ You don’t know what you don’t know” but it a wonderful thing to have the tools to begin learning. Thanks
  • Weel worth reviewing

    By HrmMark
    As a long experienced Mac user, I found this document well worth reviewing. I discovered a few new tricks and features I was not aware of htat have been added recently. I recommend you check out this doc, even if you think you know everything. It’s worth a quick scan. Itancan Wasaka
  • iMac book

    By Rangerduke
    The book was extremely informative and easy to understand. Being a new Mack owner it has given me the confidence to start using my iMac like a pro. Very appreciative for the book.
  • Sales literature posing as a user’s manual

    By DonC1958
    iMac Essentials is the worst user manual I have ever seen. I am trying to use the camera to make a simple video to send to someone. The manual does say I can make a video using iMovie. I did make a test video, now what? I cannot see where the video is in the iMac’s file structure, so I can’t send it to anyone.
  • Audio?

    By Craker Jack 123
    Prefer audio...'
  • Grandma

    By Gramma2017
    Loved this helpful book, it was easy to understand, took me through setting up my new iMac at a nice pace. I learned alot about the iMac and connecting to the iPhone and the new features. My old iMac was almost ten years old, and I needed a refresher course. This book showed me features I would not of even known about. Thank You!! Nice pictures too.
  • Won’t download?

    By omgirl57
    What’s up with this manual from the app store, it’s been stuck in ‘downloading’ mode for days so its obviously NOT downloading.. Does anyone lnow the fix for this as the same thing happens when I try to downlad the new version of Pages? I have to rate before I can submit and gave one star but I canot really rate as cannot download? Need help

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