Alexander & Rebecca (Royals of Valleria #1) - Marianne Knightly

Alexander & Rebecca (Royals of Valleria #1)

By Marianne Knightly

  • Release Date: 2015-04-12
  • Genre: Contemporary
We rated this book with: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 138 Ratings)
Alexander & Rebecca (Royals of Valleria #1) ☑

Alexander & Rebecca (Royals of Valleria #1) ♫

Alexander & Rebecca (Royals of Valleria #1) Marianne Knightly read online book review&description

Alexander & Rebecca (Royals of Valleria #1) Marianne Knightly epub

Meet the Royals of Valleria, a country as old as the fall of the Roman Empire. The reigning king and patriarch rules with his beloved queen. Nine children, now grown, ranging from the eldest twins to the youngest son, watch over the country they love and care for. Bound by honor, duty, and each other, follow their lives as they fall in love, face tragedies, and triumph against the evils facing them.


A future king claiming the woman he loves. 
A commoner falling in love with a prince. 
An unexpected threat that can destroy them both.

Rebecca Campo loves her work. Chief of Staff to Princess Catharine, her best friend and Prince Alexander’s twin sister, she travels all over the world, meets with other royalty, and lives a life she could never have dreamt possible. Having grown up alongside the royal family, she can almost forget they’re royalty; well, all except one. Prince Alexander is every woman's dream, and he seems to want her. Even after their passions overtake them, Rebecca still doesn’t believe they’re meant for forever because she’s only a commoner, not a future queen. 

Prince Alexander, heir to the throne of Valleria, takes his duties very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he’s followed duty over pursuing the woman he’s loved for years. However, now it’s time for him to marry, and he’s tired of waiting. He’ll pursue her despite royal objections, and despite her own.

Unexpectedly, a death threat is made against the Prince and the whole family goes on alert. What no one counted on, however, was Rebecca getting caught in the crossfire. 

*Please note: this novel contains content suitable for mature audiences only.

*This is a standalone book in the series, with no cliffhanger. 


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Box Set: Books 1-3
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Coming in 2017! The first three books in the Seaside Valleria series, a spin-off series set on Valleria’s shores, centering around the folks at the local pub, the Seashell, where royals have been known to pop in from time-to-time!

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More Reviews

  • Royals

    By Nanabanana55
    Just finished reading Alexander & Rebecca and it was a very enjoyable read. Can’t wait to read the whole series.
  • Alexander & Rebecca

    By NolaWin65
    This book is boring! Neither the storyline or the characters held my attention, so I didn't finish reading. It is very childlike. She's insecure and I really disliked how every compliment was followed with really or you if she couldn't believe she had a good quality. Ugh! He was supposed to have great power but comes across as wimpy. It was a free book so I attempted to read. I would be disappointed if I paid for the book.
  • Way too sappy

    By Akurani
    This book was sappy beyond belief. I found myself rolling my eyes way too often. The story of Rebecca and Alex started off good enough but it just got so sappy. Alex seemed so weak. Leave your brain behind for this one.
  • ❤️Alexander & Rebecca❤️

    By Sophia14443
    This is a love story for the ages. Extremely well written and has a natural flow that is easy to follow. The characters are introduced in a way that doesn't overwhelm you. It reads almost like a regency but isn't. Very romantic and charming. You meet the royal family as the eldest son and future King Alexander wins the heart of his forever love Rebecca. Action pact till the end and a few steamy scenes that are swoon worthy. I loved this book so much I bought the next 4 in the series. Hope to see them all on iTunes as they are released. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us❤️
  • Romantic!!

    By Neonracer1997
    This book is truly a romantic trip for all. We start out meeting Alex who is the future king of Valleria and twin brother to Catherine. We see him as the good son and future king take care of business and country before he looks after himself in the romance department. But he has eyes for his sister's chief of staff Rebeeca. She is a commoner who has reached the highest level she can or so she believes. She dreams of Alex but knows he would never look at her the same way until in fateful trip causes her to be more in his life than she cared to be. The romance heats up as they get to know each other better and their love for each other grows. But someone has other plans for them and the Royal family. Action and adventure comes through gracefully and the suspense makes it hard to put the book down. Highly recommended and also recommend to go ahead and buy the rest of the books. I can't put them down!!!

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