To Earth and Back - William Boardman

To Earth and Back

By William Boardman

  • Release Date: 2016-08-04
  • Genre: Adventure
We rated this book with: 5/5 stars

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Born into American society, then moved to Berlin during the Nazis’ rise to power, a young Jewish girl has no idea what lies ahead. Meanwhile, orbiting high above the earth, a young physician from a civilization light years away, studies and records her every move, hoping to better understand the Hebrew culture. Time goes by, and though they have never met, to him she seems like family. War finds the girl in her teens, and trauma exacts a heavy toll. She embarks on a pilgrimage which takes her from country to country only to leave her in ill health, without family, and an outcast among her own people. Then, when war looms again, the now 19-year-old woman is trapped in a hopeless, life-threatening situation. Painfully aware and thousands of miles out in space, the grief-stricken doctor goes before his ship’s council with an urgent plea. The council’s options are few—break strict protocol for the sake of their beloved physician or allow the young woman to perish. The courses of two civilizations hang in the balance.

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  • Great book

    By *CalB*
    I was impressed with how the author brought galactic and earth life together; how God is not limited to just the earth, but the whole universe. The story was riveting; could not put it down.
  • Correct and Compelling!

    By kaseyhill
    Personally, I am a huge fan of history. I love reading historical fiction, especially about World War II. I appreciated the research and historical correctness of the book. It is very obvious that many hours of research went into this book to make fiction as true to the actual events that unfortunately took place during World War II. However, the book went way beyond facts to present a story that was compelling and heart warming. My heart ached at the main characters misfortune and heartaches. I found myself immersed into a story that I kept reading to resolve the plot twists that were presented so eloquently. Above all of this, I constantly saw the story of the Gospel presented in true evangelical fashion throughout the entirety of the story, from the meaning of Jesus Christ and why He came to His characteristics within many of the characters actions and thoughts.
  • Great story

    By Goofy150
    Great reading. Entertaining and Inspirational.
  • Great Intergalactic Adventure

    By Games4mjb
    I'm not a qualified journalist, writer or critic but have ready many a novel. William does an exceptional job of tapping into our desire for inter planetary interaction; we would be mentally blind if we did not accept the fact that there are other beings out there in this massive universe. This capturing story brings together religion, consideration for love and life and draws upon our need to be mindful and thoughtful of others, regardless of race, religion, color or planet they represent! At times I was very emotionally moved. My trust in God and faith was tested! That we all may carry this level of faith. May God Bless and we look forward to Ari's and Adie's future with the war ending. The thought of two worlds able to mix offspring is staggering! Thank you such deep imagination; and continue to keep us entertained ..Please!
  • Unlike anything I've read!

    By mbarnold04
    Great pleasure read! The mix of science fiction and Christianity with a WWII setting makes for a very interesting and unique storyline. Definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys Sci-Fi and historical fiction. Looking forward to a sequel...
  • Could not put it down!

    By Momchar
    I usually do not read science fiction, so I did not think I would like this book - but I did! I was so in love with the main characters that I was up until 3am two nights in a row so I could finish reading. I recommend this book highly!
  • My opinion

    By Pullserious9217
    This book is unique and fast paced. Full of interesting situations and intricate information that even a novice will find understandable. A dramatic picture of another realm and a calling that draws a Christian man to go where no other has gone. A true page turner....let this book excite your imagination and your soul. This read will expand your thoughts and touch your heart. Boardman has created a tender tale of love and adventure that crosses into outer space.
  • Great Read!

    By Ellie0217
    William Boardman, in his first novel, writes a beautifully compelling story of genuine love and commitment, and adeptly interweaves the stories of a young Jewish girl and a Marcovan doctor. As their stories unfold, Mr. Boardman addresses many of the yearnings of the human heart: our longing for love, acceptance, identity, connection, and salvation. At the same time, he brilliantly incorporates science, space exploration, and current and futuristic technology--in short, his book has something for everyone. You will be entertained because he is an excellent storyteller, but Mr. Boardman will also make you think.

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