The Secrets of My Life - Caitlyn Jenner

The Secrets of My Life

By Caitlyn Jenner

  • Release Date: 2017-04-25
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
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In this remarkable memoir-written during her pivotal first years of becoming her authentic self-Caitlyn Jenner reflects on her past as she looks to her future.
"Imagine denying your core and soul. Then add to it the most impossible expectations that people have for you because you are the personification of The American Male Athlete."
Bruce Jenner, the celebrated Olympic icon and later the patriarch of one of the most famous families in the world, seemed to be living a dream life of success, fame, and prosperity. But the all-American image and million-dollar smile belied a lifelong struggle with gender dysphoria, and it wasn't until the sensational Diane Sawyer interview that the public mask of Bruce Jenner was finally retired, and through the memorable Vanity Fair piece by Buzz Bissinger, that Caitlyn Jenner was introduced to the world and set free to exist on her own terms. Since then, Caitlyn has undertaken an arduous emotional and physical odyssey to achieve the completeness she always felt was missing.
In THE SECRETS OF MY LIFE, Caitlyn reflects on the inner conflict she experienced growing up in an era of rigidly defined gender identities, and the cruel irony of being hailed by an entire nation as the ultimate symbol of manhood. She recounts her Olympic triumph, her rise to fame, and relates how her sense of frustration and shame grew with the passing years and the lengths to which she had to go to conceal her true self. Caitlyn in turn uncovers the toll that these personal struggles had on her three marriages and, subsequently, the relationships with her children. She also talks candidly about her life in the public eye as a member of the Kardashian clan, what led to her decision to become Caitlyn, and how she, her family, the transgender community, and the rest of the world has since embraced her new life.
Filled with incredibly personal and moving stories of struggle and victory, of anxiety and fear, and, finally, of surrender and acceptance, THE SECRETS OF MY LIFE reveals the real Caitlyn Jenner by tracing her long and eventful journey to becoming herself.

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More Reviews

  • Not what I expected

    By OzGal4Now
    Caitlyn may have felt she was unfolding her secrets but few things were surprising. A mediocre story with little to teach.
  • There Are No Adequate Words

    By BakerReader
    This journey describes Bruce's lifelong feelings of isolation, fear, and the awkward fraudulent existence he endured for many years. This journey describes his rage and depression- his exasperation in living a lie. What Bruce AND Caitlin did together is courageously walk through a painful and amazing transition to get to an felusive but imagined beautiful authentic self. One that hopefully is anxiously waiting your arrival - and hasn't given up on you. Your real self, whom you have never met, but yet have known your whole life. A self you pray likes and accepts your entrance and embraces your future. I am not transgender and had no personal pull to read about the subject. However, more often than not, I realize I don't always know the why, until I have experienced the wow. You were amazing on the TV in my Oklahoma living room when I was 12, and you are even more amazing now. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for opening up to so many who desperately need just a spark of your experience. Just a spark can and will move them from hurting to hope. p.s. you're absolutely beautiful. Alice B. Oklahoma City, Oklahomap
  • Glad I read but yeesh poor writing

    By Jb0362370
    I’m glad I read it but had no fluidity. One minute it’s 1980 next it’s 2007 and then it’s the olympics. Hard to follow and a large portion was just telling off public enemy’s. But again glad I read the perspective of the person.
  • Don't judge a book by the cover

    By Dr.Erick Chávez
    There's a saying that goes there's 3 versions of a story, yours, mine, and the truth. We all were taken by surprise when we welcomed Caitlyn, and we rushed to judge her based on our points of view, and also in our preconceptions of the Kardashian clan. But reading the book I empathize a lot more with the Transgender family and when money and status can't buy the self-esteem and sense of who we are. Just because she has influence, that does not makes the experience easier is just another journey.
  • Tells All

    By KMF361
    Very interesting. I'm glad I read it. From childhood through to becoming Caitlyn we learn about thoughts, processes and people in his/her life and the part they played in his transition.
  • Caitlyn

    By KloDenn
    Good history and details worth reading.
  • Surprised by Truth

    By Satisfiedsarah
    Labeling has always troubled me, though we all form opinions of others, our whole lives. Undoing harmful labeling is a worthy goal, and this book does a terrific job showing a person's struggle to embrace--and overcome--both Olympic and gender labels. I thoroughly enjoyed the story telling, the family dynamics, and how Caitlyn overcame the struggles. May your faith continue to sustain you as you help others on their journey.
  • G

    By SamoanAssh
  • The Secrets of My Life

    By Addy hendr.
    I couldn't put it down and all I could think of is how this poor women has suffered almost all of her life. She takes complete ownership of her failed marriages, strained relationships with her children and watching her career stall. But the courage to finally live her life authentically is truly commendable. I hope she is at peace and lives her life each and every day to the fullest. The people who love you will be there no matter what. I do not write reviews but this read truly moved me.
  • For Caitlyn

    By Hltnn
    I am a 38 year old woman, never have I had any type of gender issues but in reading and contemplating this book along the way, what courage it must have taken Bruce to finally say I'm doing things my way, which is Caitlyn's way! Say what you will, COURAGE to say F--- I-!!!! Is what it took to do this amazing thing in front of The whole entire world, friends, family, co-workers and fans. Nothing but true COURAGE. The interesting thing about your book, which Is that I get the feeling that you contribute all of your "quirks" to your gender issues because that was always what plagued you. But my opinion is, that you are who you are and those actions probably will reoccur when your not feeling your best or are a little depressed because that's you, Bruce or Caitlyn. I don't relate your quirks with socialization, reclusiveness, picking the wrong partner to your gender issues, that's simply an issue of feel good about yourself and being at your top. It's like when you first meet someone and your easily able to be your best person because your feeling great, your feeling butterflies, so the quirks as I call them go away for a while until your relationship grows a little stale and they creep back in until you back at your lowest. When I loose 20 lbs. I wear more make up and dress cuter and are more likely to go out after work to chat with a friend then go home and make love to my husband, whereas when I'm feeling over weight or not happy with my life at the moment, I say no to everything. I think you said it best when you said something along the lines of, how can I expect others to be happy with me, when I'm not happy myself. The thing is, life is nothing but up's and downs and it's important to know yourself enough to know I'm feeling like this because of the state my life is in. So instead of going with it and falling further down, what can you do that will help right then? That's all. It's about being strong enough to be able to let go of whatever is causing you to go down. Many of us don't act fast enough and we waste precious moments for fear of taking that first step back up. Weather it be leaving an unhappy relationship, getting healthy again, finally getting to be yourself, etc. But Caitlyn, your happy and at your top, but there will probably come a next time where you feel a little down or like you want to hide, because woman or man Life is up and down. Next time figure out why your feeling this way and take immediate action to change it so that you can move forward and up. If your sad that your family isn't giving you the attention and time you want, start hanging out more with friends and let them miss you. You cannot rely on others for your happiness. When you are happy, your friends and family will want to be with around you more. If it's one person that's a negative ninny, break the relationship off and move forward and up. It's as simple at that. My own motto this year was "So much time wasted thinking", always take action. I enjoyed watching you as Bruce. But now I am rooting for your peace and true happiness to Shine through Caitlyn. Heather L.Stewart Acworth, GA

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