Fallen Star - Richard Turner

Fallen Star

By Richard Turner

  • Release Date: 2017-04-19
  • Genre: Science Fiction
We rated this book with: 5/5 stars

4 Score: 4 (From 126 Ratings)
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After an unidentified flying object goes down over Alaska, a newly formed team of military and civilian personnel are sent to investigate. Before long, things start to turn deadly as the search for the UFO becomes a race against time. Desperate to piece everything together, the team soon learns that not everyone is as they appear.

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  • Good read, bad ending.

    By SkiDoc
    This story is based on an interesting and clever plot line. It gets off to a strong start and maintains momentum up till the very end, where the writer pulls a very weird and perhaps amateurish device out. I’m not a fan of the ending. The action is well written but the character development is just not there. The dialog is generally ok to good but has odd moments where it just doesn’t work...the line doesn’t fit the character or the situation, or lacks imagination. Overall did I enjoy it? Yep. Would I recommend it? Yes, with the qualifier that the reader not be looking for anything other than a SYFY-ish action adventure story. Enjoy!
  • Must read

    By Gummuncher
    This a can't put down book till you finish it. It full of mystery and suspense right up to the end. Has good characters in story.
  • UFO’s: real or not?

    By Evirodude
    This tale provides a lot of “what if’s”, to think about. While many are fantastical, there are still others.......... Nice characters developed, interesting plot situations, plenty of action to keep your interest. Can’t suppress the ugliness of humanity either. If you like action, adventure, improbable science fiction theories, you’ll like this read.
  • Fallen Star

    By 96?
    I was expecting this book to be about encounters with Aliens, but Idid not expect to read about battles with giant prehistoric birds and Saber Tooth Tigers. This plot left me deflated because it was rather lame. Plus the big bad guy was not identified, nor apprehended. Perhaps he lives for another day when everyone can fight giant worms, insects, etc., or the Blob, all of which was done in the fifties grade B movies.
  • Fallen Star

    By egap
    Like other Sci Fi stories I have read, this story is one that I had difficulty putting down. The writer's skill at leaving each scene dangling in front of you a possibility that just had to be checked out, shows his skill at writing. I enjoyed this first of a series and will read his next for sure. The story arc lead me through informing then building. Several protagonists were involved but the story followed the two main soldier characters. The story arc ended with the multiple antagonists' demise, and a positive outcome. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
  • Fallen Star

    By AnitaInPhoenix
    This is my first book from this series. I really enjoyed the read. It moved at a good pace with a lot of action along the way. It was a believable story line, (if you believe there’s life out there...) so I can’t wait to get my hands on the other books! ~Anita T.
  • Fallen star

    By Jeff hq
    The story was quite unique and a great read. I couldn't put the book down once I got to the ambush at the site of the original recovered ship location.
  • Fallen Star

    By getlt
    Really fascinating and gripping read!!!!!
  • Fallen Star

    By Paul da Bare
    Fast moving, plausible basis. Could happen tomorrow.
  • Fallen star

    By Guess who 1
    I loved this free book. Immediately purchased the next. It was different, suspenseful. Loved the characters. I just thought it was a really good sci fi story. No cursing or sex to fall back on. Great job though It does need editing.

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