The Other Woman - Daniel Silva

The Other Woman

By Daniel Silva

  • Release Date: 2018-07-17
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
We rated this book with: 5/5 stars

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From Daniel Silva, the #1 New York Times–bestselling author, comes a modern masterpiece of espionage, love, and betrayal

She was his best-kept secret …

In an isolated village in the mountains of Andalusia, a mysterious Frenchwoman begins work on a dangerous memoir. It is the story of a man she once loved in the Beirut of old, and a child taken from her in treason’s name. The woman is the keeper of the Kremlin’s most closely guarded secret. Long ago, the KGB inserted a mole into the heart of the West—a mole who stands on the doorstep of ultimate power.

Only one man can unravel the conspiracy: Gabriel Allon, the legendary art restorer and assassin who serves as the chief of Israel’s vaunted secret intelligence service. Gabriel has battled the dark forces of the new Russia before, at great personal cost. Now he and the Russians will engage in a final epic showdown, with the fate of the postwar global order hanging in the balance.

Gabriel is lured into the hunt for the traitor after his most important asset inside Russian intelligence is brutally assassinated while trying to defect in Vienna. His quest for the truth will lead him backward in time, to the twentieth century’s greatest act of treason, and, finally, to a spellbinding climax along the banks of the Potomac River outside Washington that will leave readers breathless.

Fast as a bullet, hauntingly beautiful, and filled with stunning double-crosses and twists of plot, The Other Woman is a tour de force that proves once again that “of all those writing spy novels today, Daniel Silva is quite simply the best” (Kansas City Star).

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  • Another great one

    By ericandi
    He did it again.
  • Always enjoyable

    By poohmom
    Eagerly await the next adventure.
  • The Other Woman

    By CarynMerkley
    Daniel Silva always manages to take a current headline and weave a fictional narrative that rings so closely to the truth that you could confuse it with reality. I love Gabriel Allon and all of the recurring cast that frequents his novels. I also felt that Daniel added the perfect amount of “backstory” for new readers who are not familiar with the series. I cant wait for his next book in the series!
  • Another Great Thriller

    By The Black Widow - DS
    Daniel Silva’s books are always hard to put down, and this one is no exception. The book starts with a Russian intelligence officer being coerced into being an informant for Israel and the West, code name Heathcliff. When Heathcliff passes some intelligence that will make it apparent to the Russians that he’s passing secrets he needs to be extracted and given asylum. The Israelis will handle the exfiltration operation, and the British will give him asylum as they were a prime beneficiary of the information he passed on. It should be a simple operation, but a Russian assassin gets to the defector first and kills him. There is a mole somewhere in Israeli or British intelligence giving information to the Russians - that’s how they knew where and when the operation would take place. Not only have the Russians killed the asset, but they’ve cleverly found a way to cast suspicion on Gabriel Allen, the head of Israeli intelligence, for the murder. This starts a series of events that links the present to a spy scandal from the 1950s. Gabriel Allen and his team set out to uncover the identity of the mole and the twists and turns getting to the solution are fascinating. In addition to being a great spy story, the interplay and relationships between the familiar players from all 18 books in the Gabriel Allen series is interesting as always. In this book one of Gabriel’s best professional relationships falls victim to events. Because Daniel Silva’s books are so tied to current events, they seem to be both fiction and non-fiction at the same time. They always leave me feeling both very worried and yet somewhat hopeful. They’re also the only novels where my first thought upon finishing is that I want to reread the book to catch anything I may have missed the first time. If you’re a newcomer to the series, this can be read as a stand-alone but I highly recommend starting from the first book of the series (The Kill Artist) and working forward. You’ll get to know and love the series regulars and see them evolve. This is another great book in a great series. This review is based on a complimentary pre-release copy, but that said, I liked the book so much that I purchased an ebook copy to keep in my library and reread - in fact, I’m doing that now! :D

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