The Joint Kitchen - Michael David Ries

The Joint Kitchen

By Michael David Ries

  • Release Date: 2017-11-20
  • Genre: Medical
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Imagine a doctor doing ordinary activities in his kitchen, stopping to draw some of the everyday objects around him, like an orange and a corkscrew. Then watch him turn those drawings into advanced patents for hip and knee replacements. Dr. Michael Ries holds 45 patents, and many of his ideas came to him in the kitchen. The remarkable efficiency of the human hip and knee are described here through simple illustrations, explaining why hip and knee replacements will never be quite as perfect as the joints we were born with. Health care professionals, patients considering joint replacement, students, and inventors will find The Joint Kitchen informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Dr. Ries shows that a state of tranquility allows the creative and problem-solving parts of the brain to connect and form new ideas that can transform and improve lives.

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  • Beautifully simple

    By MontanaBill
    I have undergone three total joint replacement surgeries. First, the R hip, then the R shoulder, most recently, the R knee. The shoulder is unrelated to this book or this review. In 2013 I fell and bisected my R patella clean in half, horizontally. Three surgeries to wire it together failed. In April 2014, I had a patellectomy done. Gradually, pain returned, I walked crooked, my L knee and L ankle started hurting along with the now patella-less R knee, to the point that I was evaluated by a "revision orthopedic surgeon"(a surgeon who specializes in repairing other surgeons’ screw-ups. He said we need to replace the hip joint first because the orthopod working on my patella for over eight months forgot to work on my hip at the same time and the joint turned into a painful, blurry white blob on the X-rays. So, the revision guy scored big there, like Dr. Ries does with this wonderfully detailed, but illustrated and explained, book. Turns out if the orthopod I picked to work on my patella problem had just moved my hip in physical therapy, I would not have had hip pain and would not have had to have the replacement done. Dr. Ries explains the joint replacement features and benefits so well in this book, that after working with three different orthopods, asking dozens of questions, spending hundreds of dollars and hours in physical therapy, I understand my situation and the surgical solution(s) to it 100% for the first time since 2013! Honestly, this is a basic "bible" or Joint Replacements for Idiots manual, that should be required reading for anyone to whom a surgeon says, "I think we need to talk about doing a total joint replacement on you." You see, today, with no quad connection to my non-existent patella, I can barely walk some days, can not ambulate safely down or up a flight of stairs, and barely get more than 4-5 hours of sleep in a night(due to pain), because I believed the revision surgeon was a God and could perform miracles at this stuff, and boy-o-boy was I ever wrong! After reading The Joint Kitchen, I now know why I was wrong and strongly recommend this book to everyone with chronic hip or knee pain BEFORE they see the orthopod. Thank you, Dr. Ries!

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