Atticus: A Woman's Journey with the World's Worst Behaved Dog - S. Bennett

Atticus: A Woman's Journey with the World's Worst Behaved Dog

By S. Bennett

  • Release Date: 2018-06-12
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
We rated this book with: 5/5 stars

5 Score: 5 (From 25 Ratings)
Atticus: A Woman's Journey with the World's Worst Behaved Dog ☑

Atticus: A Woman's Journey with the World's Worst Behaved Dog ♫

Atticus: A Woman's Journey with the World's Worst Behaved Dog S. Bennett read online book review&description

Atticus: A Woman's Journey with the World's Worst Behaved Dog S. Bennett epub

This is a love story between…
A woman and a man
A woman and her family
A woman and her friends
A woman and a very special dog that led her to her happily ever after.

Through the haze of vodka and self-loathing, Hazel Roundtree saw the poor creature lying in a ditch.

One brown eye. One blue.
Covered in mud and crying from pain, the puppy was desperately trying to free itself from a hopeless situation.

She almost kept walking by. She had her own problems and besides… no one had ever stopped to help her.

Who we’re ultimately meant to be is a journey without end, but there’s always a defined start…

Hazel had no idea the dog would be her beginning, her second chance, the miracle she never saw coming. She named him Atticus. He grew up to be a very bad—and completely awesome—dog. He took Hazel on a life-changing journey filled with mischievous adventure to find her happily ever after. In the end, Hazel grew up to be completely awesome, too.

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  • Atticus

    By Missednothing65
    Tremendous story! I couldn’t put the book down. One, I’m a huge dog person and two, we are all, dogs included, are placed on this earth for a purpose. Atticus gave Hazel a very special responsibility and Hazel helped Oley live the winter of his life happily. This should be a movie.
  • Thank you Atti.

    By Gleezzie
    It was one of those books which you really don’t want to put down, but at the same time dread finishing it. It was such a great experience reading about a dog’s life that impacted so many lives in a few short years. My soul was soaring, while my eyes were tearing up. Thank you Ms. Bennett ❤️
  • Must read

    By K Monique
    It was a movie that consisted of every genre. I loved it from start to finish.
  • "I know he'll give me everything".

    By Kambie07
    This was by far the best book I've ever read. The absolute best. I'm surprised I have any tears left. The tears started in the first chapter and I don't think they stopped. Hurray for Atticus. I loved his "thoughts". It meant so much to this book. I loved his antics and surprises. This book was written with plenty of heart.
  • Atticus

    By Debsanch
    Best book ever! Will keep and read again and again, I cried, laughed, rooted for these characters, every single page. I didn’t want it to end yet, I raced to the finish. Sawyer Bennett, you are an amazing writer! Thank you so much for Atticus!
  • Keep a box of tissues handy!!!!

    By Devilwmn
    Atticus: A Woman's Journey with the World's Worst Behaved Dog is a standalone book. If you've read other books by this author, you know she writes a fabulous hot, steamy, page turning book. This is going to be nothing like them, with the exception of page turning. This book really hit home in a lot of ways, I found a lot of similarities between Hazel and myself, the journey she went through to find herself. Be prepared this book is going to make you ugly cry, I would keep a box of Kleenex's handy. I was more prepared for the comedic stunts of a wayward dog. I can relate, I have a Newfoundland that sounds like it is Atticus's brother from another mother. Good to know I'm not the only one with a destructive attention seeking, bratty dog! The book will make you laugh and cry. The book is very well written and the story line flowed, it was impossible to put down- surprising since I only read romance. There is a minute amount in the book, but it's not the focus and something that doesn't happen until way into the book. I loved the friendship that developed between Hazel and Oley, that then included Bernard and others into the fold. Watching the dynamic between Oley and Hazel was very interesting as well as how Atticus helped change Hazel's life, and helped her to find herself. It is obvious the thought and attention that went into this book, as well as the depth of the book. As the relationships evolve (not romantic type) and you learn more of the backstory, it was hard to not despise Oley's children. All the other characters you meet it is hard not to like them. The characters and their interactions felt very real and the situations realistic. This book was outstanding and was an easy to give 5 star rating. Though I hope no more are written like this because I used over half a box of Kleenex ugly crying. You've been forewarned! Hope this helps! Happy Reading!!!
  • Must read

    By Diana Co.
    Oh my goodness. What an emotional mess I’ve been. There’s no one like Sawyer to make me bawl my eyes out. I completely love everything about this book. The characters, the storyline and how amazingly it was written. Would highly recommend this definitely a feel good book sigh a bit of tears. All around fantastic book! I received an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**
  • Laugh, Cry, and Feel Good!

    By sljt7498
    I’ve read so many of Sawyer Bennett’s books and have loved them. This book was on my radar because it was written by her but not really for the subject matter. I love all cats, but only two dogs have captured my heart. I, however, digress. SB has woven magic in her “tail” of a truly naughty but oh so lovable pup who changed so many lives. I sincerely laughed out loud as well as shed a few tears throughout this book. My life has been crazy busy lately, but every time I had a minute to spare, I read, read, read. It was just a story that was hard to put down. Of course, being written by a noted romance author, Atticus also weaves a love story in amongst Hazel, Oley, and Bernard’s tales. Everything blends beautifully into a book that will linger and leave you with a great feeling deep inside.
  • Man’s Best Friend

    By Fairest Reviews
    Atticus is most certainly a love story, but not in the usual sense of the term. It’s a unique tale that illustrates the power of unconditional love and the fact that the only way that a person can have/find/hold onto love is if she loves herself first, understanding her true worth based on who she is to herself and not necessarily as other people see her, and while that may take time and it may cause heartache and pain, it’s essential to living a full and happy life…it’s essential in order to revel in the ordinariness of life and understand one’s true place…one’s true path regardless of any road blocks or bad experiences that may have to be dealt with in order to get there. The two main characters of Atticus are Hazel Roundtree and Atticus, her dog who almost wasn’t her dog because she contemplated not helping the pup when she found him. But in deciding to stop and help Atticus even though no one ever stopped to help her, she finds out the true meaning of unconditional love and while Atticus isn’t the most behaved dog in the world, he’s hers and he teaches her, not only how to take care of him and seek out help when she can’t do it alone, but he also shows her how to love herself…how to care for herself when it seems like no-one else will or can. Atticus gives Hazel hope; he gives her a caring companion; he gives her a best friend who understands more than she’ll ever know. Atticus gives her a purpose…a second chance. He helps her find herself and in doing so, he allows her to be ready when someone comes into her life that’s worthy of her mind, her heart, and her soul. Relationships are a necessity in life and just when Hazel thinks she has no-one and nothing, she finds the one animal she never knew she needed, Atticus, and through him, Hazel finds a whole cast of characters who become as essential to her as Atticus, and it’s with their help…their guidance that this dog and his owner learn to traverse through this thing called life and find a way to do more than just survive…more than just exist and that opens up a world of possibilities for them both. S. Bennett does a fantastic job of creating both a light-hearted and an emotional feel to this story, which is fitting considering that that’s how life works…there are highs and lows and ups and downs throughout the course of one’s existence and it’s in those moments, both the good and the bad, that people learn who they really are and what they’re really capable of, and boy are Hazel and Atticus worth more than they think! 4.5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
  • Atticus is an Emotional Journey

    By Katiekoz
    Atticus was cute, funny, happy, sad, and everything in between. I've never read a book like this, it's definitely unique. I've always loved chapters from a pet's perspective, and that was still the case for Atticus. Atticus is an adorable and trouble making dog who is just so lovable. I loved getting his take on things and how he views the world, it was hilarious! I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud for every single one of his chapters. The whole book is an emotional journey as Hazel goes from the worst days of her life to the best days of her life. I enjoyed seeing how much a cute, mischievous little puppy can change someone's life, and I believed it. Sawyer did a wonderful job writing this book. The storyline was emotional and real, with characters that you could empathize with and root for. This book shows you to treasure the ones you love, because you never know what tomorrow brings. I also really enjoyed that Atticus is based on her own dog, Atticus, and all the crazy yet adorable things he does. I could tell that Sawyer put a lot of care and dedication into this book to make it what it is. This book had me close to tears, but it's sort of a fitting end for the characters. I think Atticus will stay with me for a while.

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