Complete Piano Voicing - Jim Busby

Complete Piano Voicing

By Jim Busby

  • Release Date: 2018-04-07
  • Genre: Music
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There have been many different approaches to voicing, or “tone building” over the years. “Traditional” voicing consists mostly of using needles and sandpaper, and little else. There are other approaches that use lacquer, not just occasionally, but the tone of the hammer is developed by using hardening solutions. Yet others use softening solutions, steam, “squeezing pliers”, “special” needles. The list goes on and on. 

We have approached this topic as no one else has dared: to include everything that we have seen or heard of in voicing. Of course, we will not be recommending some things but list them more as a caution to you. However, if a method seems fairly mainstream, especially if it has been used successfully by respected technicians in the business, we will include it and try to give some instruction based on our personal experience.

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  • Finally, a Thorough Intro to Voicing!

    By The.Piano.Pro
    Finally, Jim B. and Vin M. have accomplished something that’s been missing from the piano technology world for decades: a complete introduction to voicing! I have been looking around for something that doesn’t balk at this very daunting subject, but couldn’t find anything. The closest thing I found was a video from the 1980s, and the sound quality was horrible (consider this was a video on piano tone....) This book is not so! Good quality videos, clear pictures and diagrams, and a very thorough coverage of everything related to voicing. Discussion of how piano hammers are made, and why they’re made that way, lay a solid foundation for the rest of the book. Tools and techniques are covered in detail, including traditional and non-traditional techniques for “normal” “hot-pressed” hammers and Steinway’s “cold-pressed” lacquered hammers. Also covered are some of the newer, non-traditional, sometimes experimental techniques; when, if, and how to use them. As a piano artisan, I’ve been able to implement these techniques into my everyday work, and I’m very pleased with the results. Not only has my hearing developed to the next level, but simply knowing what the issue is has really encouraged me to take action on this knowledge. Jim and Vin, thank you so much! You have bridged a long standing gap, and have encouraged me toward providing better service for my clients. It was worth every penny, and I’m sorry to say that I have received a much bigger reward than you will though the cost of the book. Keep it comin’ — it’ll be good!

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