Not Sorry - Complete Series - Ella Miles

Not Sorry - Complete Series

By Ella Miles

  • Release Date: 2018-05-30
  • Genre: Contemporary
We rated this book with: 5/5 stars

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To Sean Burrows,

I am writing to inform you that I would like to apply for the management position. As an assistant, I know I have limited qualifications, but I am loyal and have been an assistant here for almost five years.

I apologize for the initial meeting where I was late in picking you up from the airport, spilled coffee on you, and introduced you incorrectly, among other things. I know I did not make a great first impression, but I need this job. No one should still be an assistant when entering their thirties.

I have attached my résumé. I'm sorry for taking up so much of your valuable time.

Thank you for your consideration,

Olive Porter

P.S. I'm sorry for kissing you on the lips. I really was trying to kiss you on the cheek. I was told you were European, so I was trying to make you comfortable. I was clearly wrong about both.

This is the Complete Not Sorry Series by Ella Miles.

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  • 🤦🏽‍♀️

    By Bxbxxy rxvxn
  • Who’s not sorry and for what?

    By lynnecuda
    I have recently discovered Ella Miles and love her books, including this one. I easily get involved in the story and characters. Olive has been working as Jamie’s assistant for 5 years with no promotion. Jamie is pregnant and her doctor demands bed rest so she asks Sean, an old boyfriend, to run her realty business until she can return. Jamie sends Olive to pick up Sean and the whole thing was a disaster, so unlike the normally with-it Olive. Olive wants the open position as manager but Sean thinks there’s no way until she shows some sass. He decides to ‘train’ her his way to boost her confidence. But they get close, like sex close. Then Sean runs. Why? You need to read the book. He comes back. This story is a rollercoaster ride. Should he show Olive what his mysterious business is? Does Sean still love Jamie? What if she were free? The twists and turns abound!! Enjoy!
  • Loved this book

    By cconcus
    This was a quick, fun read. The book was an entertaining work romance. Sean Burrows is helping a friend cover her company while she is on bed rest. However, what will happen when Olive Porter, his friend's personal assistant, makes his life turn upside down. She is like a storm he never saw coming. What happens when she thinks she is the best person to help in the company in ways she thinks she deserves.
  • Sexy, Sassy and Deliciously hot!

    By sickof it
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader copy of this book. What a great book, I loved it. Olive and Jamie were amazing characters and Sean, OMG! Loved him! This book is fun, sexy and sassy you will not be able to put it down. Olive has been working for Jamie for years and are the best of friends, but when Jamie is put on bed rest she asks an old friend to come in and help Olive and keep her business running. Let’s just say that Sean and Olive are like oil and water, they didn’t mix well together their first meeting, but the instant chemistry was off the charts explosive. Sean being the man he is offers to take Olive out for drinks and discuss the position she wants within Jamie’s company only to find her now boyfriend with another woman. Things take a turn, they get twisty, it’s gets emotional, how will Sean come to terms with his growing feelings for Olive when he still has feelings for Jamie? What will Olive think of Sean when she finds out what kind of business he owns? Will she run or will she stay and take a chance?
  • not easily forgettable

    By DJGonzo69
    Not Sorry is signature Ella Miles - sexy with interesting, layered characters. But, in this case, I absolutely could not stand the hero, Sean. Olivia has been working for her boss for 5 years. Her boss isn't just her boss, though, she's her best friend. Olivia has been working toward, she thinks, the managerial position in this real estate company, until out of the blue her boss brings in one of her friends (actually, he's not just a friend, he's her boss' ex) to run the company while Jaime (the boss) is on bed rest while she's pregnant. To say Olivia and Sean's meeting is less than friendly is an understatement. Sean isn't impressed by Olivia, whom he perceives to be a klutz (she is), and incompetent (she isn't). But, somehow, he's also attracted to her, even though he's still in love with Jaime. So, he decides to sex up Olivia, all while pining over Jaime. Things happen, Olivia bows out, and things are a big fat mess, until Sean finally mans up at the end and gets back his girl. I don't hate Not Sorry, but it really irritated me to no end. I loved Olivia, even though she was entirely too forgiving of both Sean and Jaime, but Sean and even Jaime are the worst. They treat Olivia horribly and she deserved much better. But, because Not Sorry is sexy and engaging, even though it and Sean and Jaime irritated me, I can give it 4 stars because it's well written and not easily forgettable.
  • I loved this story!

    By PTators
    This is a funny, sexy story with lots of chemistry and s3x in inappropriate places. The s3x compliments and adds to the storyline without overwhelming it. I loved both Olive (crazy, goofy and funny) and Sean (sexy bad boy with a wicked sense of humor and a big secret). The writing style and storyline were both excellent, and kept me entertained all the way to the HEA.

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