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A Course In Miracles

By Anonymous

  • Release Date: 2009-06-12
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
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The great classic work, A Course in Miracles, is devoted to teachings about who we are, our relationships to God and with each other, and the actually mental nature of our bodies and the world. There are three constituent parts to the Course: The Text, a Workbook for Students, and the Manual for Teachers. The Text lays out the theoretical foundation for the metaphysical system of the Course. The Workbook contains a series of 365 Lessons to be practiced daily for the purpose of retraining the mind and healing our perception. Finally, the Manual contains information for and about advanced teachers of God. A Course in Miracles is also about miracles, which students understand to be, in part, a shift in perception to healed vision. But miracles are more than a shift in perception, because the shift has consequences in the world as we see it. The conversational tone of this Original Edition invites the novice student into conversation with the Author, and even advanced students of A Course in Miracles have found a new clarity and a deeper understanding from their study of the Original Edition of the Course. The restoration of the previously lost material and presentation of the text in its original sequence enlivens the conversation with the Author and gives him a presence that some feel is lacking in the later editions. When encountering Schucman and Thetford's original edition, students frequently find fresh clarity as they read its wording or new understanding. Surely study of the Original Edition is essential to your curriculum.

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  • A Course in Miracles

    By Pleasedtoday
    Each of us are God's Creation and we are all on a Spiritual Journey whether we accept that fact or not. This Text, Student Workbook and Teacher's Manual are beyond anything I have ever had the privilege to read before and I have read copiously on this subject matter. My husband and I found this book through others. We really liked how certain authors, associates and friends viewed the world around them...the love and peace in their thoughts. When each was asked, they were all students of A Course in Miracles and that is how we also became students of this course.
  • Seek and ye shall find.

    By sirdouglasscott
    May this book remind you of your true Magnitude.
  • A must read

    By Por Envie
    Truly transformational. This is required reading for anyone in desperate search for eternal peace.
  • The story behind the story.

    By Philobee
    You may have read the greatest story ever told, but this is the real back story. This is about really understanding who you are and enjoying your life and helping everyone else to enjoy their life. Do not buy any other version except this, the "Original Edition". Yes, it's somewhat similar, but, not. This edition is so much more expansive, so much warmer, so much more forgiving. I've read both and the difference is astounding. I will go so far as to say that you will probably not finish the Penguin/Viking/Barnes&Noble etc. version, all of which are basically the same overly dense, cold versions. Get IBooks, get the "Original Edition", and start enjoying your life. That's not to say that it will become a walk in the park, at least not right away, but it does help immensely. Love, Compassion, Forgiveness.
  • Transformational!! Superb!!

    By Morning.Starr
    The Course in Miracles is NOT, ABSOLUTELY NOT, a religion. It is a psychological approach to assist the reader to relinquish a a fear-based approach in life in favor of one based love, expansiveness and and the fundamental principles established in every major spiritual path and religion in the world. Some of the language is clearly from a christen orientation, but the reader can easily substitute whatever language they are comfortable with and still get the same meaning. It is an approach that can change one's life whether they want to be more comfortable in their own skin, or accelerate the letting go of the "false ego/false self" or other personality changes needed to have a closer walk with Higher Power/Spirit/and all the "names for God", whatever understanding the reader has. "The Course" can be a gentle way of releasing neurosis so that we can become more kind and loving to ourselves and others. We get a glimpse into how God (my understanding and most comfortable language) sees us. Perfect. Whole. And able to take right action in the world. These are strictly my views based on my experiences as a humble student of the "Course" as well as my spiritual walk with God (my understating only) and the psychology of self-examination.

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