The Qur'an & Modern Science - Dr. Maurice Bucaille

The Qur'an & Modern Science

By Dr. Maurice Bucaille

  • Release Date: 2012-02-16
  • Genre: Science & Nature
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There is no human work in existence that contains statements as far beyond the level of knowledge of its time as the Qur’an. Scientific opinions comparable to those in the Qur’an are the result of modern knowledge. In the commentaries to translations of the Qur’an that have appeared in European languages, I have only been able to find scattered and vague references to them. Nor do commentators writing in Arabic provide a complete study of the aspects of the Qur’an that deal with scientific matters. This is why the idea of a comprehensive study of the problem appealed to me.

In addition to this, a comparative study of similar data contained in the Bible (Old Testament and Gospels) seemed desirable. Thus, a research project was developed from the comparison of certain passages in the Holy Scriptures of each monotheistic religion with modern scientific knowledge. The project resulted in the publication of a book entitled, The Bible, the Qur'an and Science. The first French edition appeared in May 1976.

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  • Weak

    By Phoenixxrecyc
    Ha the title of this book is already B.S.
  • Good read!

    By iamfaried
    As a former agnostic, and a man of science, I approached the Qurân with an abnegated manner. I have studied the verses in Arabic and English, and I have yet to discover any contradictions with scientifically proven facts. This lead me to further study the religion of Islam; I recently understood that Islam is not necessarily a religion but instead it is a way of life. I suggest you read Dr Maurice's book, The Bible, The Quran and Science, for more depth on his observations. Followed by reading the Quran in its native language, to form your own interpretations.
  • Good

    By Mojamin
    There are so many scientific issues the author didn't mentioned, like the split of the moon, the knocking star, etc It was a great effort and Jazak Allah Khayran.
  • Short, Spoonful Excerpt

    By Titaniumqold
    Really nice to that this book gives everything in a nice spoonful for a reader of scientific backgrounds and religion can understand. I wish there was more detail. I am excited to read the other books by this author.
  • Wow. Praise to Allah

    By Aziz abou Malik
    How could one disputes these facts. Just amazing how to the accuracy of the Quran.
  • Mr

    By Mokbul
    An Excellent book with in depth research and knowledge.

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