The Last Praetorian - Mike Smith

The Last Praetorian

By Mike Smith

  • Release Date: 2012-11-02
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
We rated this book with: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 318 Ratings)
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Commander Jonathan Radec is a man trying desperately to escape from the mistakes of his past. Now the owner of Vanguard Shipping his primary concerns are trying to keep his ships flying and his crew alive. However, the shadowy Syndicate organisation has set their sights on the Commander and his business, having sent a beautiful assassin to kill him; that to make matters worse has become the target of his infatuation. Much to the dismay of his ex-girlfriend recently elevated to President of the Confederation who is still very much in love with him; and capable of making his life a living hell.Surrounded by a galaxy that is beginning to tear itself apart, with enemies on all sides and now unwillingly tasked with trying the save the Confederation – to whom he has little regard for. Jon has little going in his favour, except a crew that consists of the elite of the old Imperial Navy, all that would fight to the death for him and a past which possibly makes him one of the most dangerous men alive.A Science Fiction adventure / romance, which tries to answer the question - “Can you ever find redemption for the mistakes of your past?”

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More Reviews

  • Loved, it but wanted a little less of what others wanted more of

    By The Best Thief ever
    Space tactics, politics, space ships, and even what happens to humanity post-Earth, this is an amazing book. But I disliked two things: Too much of the romance. I know only like 40 total pages in a 435 pg book is too little for some, but for me it just distracted from the, in my opinion, quality content.
  • Wow

    By Mb 5556
    Great book, exciting story line and great characters in this book .
  • Please use an editor

    By Dr. Paulie
    Talented story line, but truly needs to hire an editor or get a volunteer 8th grader to read it with a red pen. The sloppy grammar is distracting. I would pay for an edited version, but don't plan to read the sequels because of this lack.
  • The last Praetorian

    By Glowellx
    Great read, hard to put down. Excellent story line. Lots of twists, also an interesting romantic story. A must for science fiction readers.
  • Irritating Grammar

    By Andilee46
    How did such poor grammar get past the editor? It overrides enjoyment of the storyline.
  • Amazing

    By Scm01 the master
    I rarely read books cause most bore me but i love this book a couple curse words but im glad I found this book its amazing please read even if you hate si fi a grate read other than the grammer but some people spell things differently
  • Very captivating

    By Khutch60
    Great story line I'm hooked and ready for next book
  • Well, it was a nice story..

    By Mech360
    I'm sorry, but GRRR. As this book was under "Sci-Fi", the author should have done a bit more simple research. Not a good understanding of physics, thus some tough-to-chew descriptions of damage, fights, and piloting (and guns work fine in a vacuum, watch Mythbusters, lol). Emotionally the story was well tended, author making good on conveying every facet. Unfortunate is the main characters seemingly constant pain.
  • Not Very Good

    By Leonard Kilbane
    This is a space opera novel about a military character who makes many sacrifices in order to fulfill his duties. There were many plot holes in this book, and many situations which just weren’t plausible. The science was also unsound, such as lasers not being able to work in space since there is no air. Mr. White would benefit by researching science a little more before writing another novel. Not a recommended read until then.
  • Thank you Mike Smith

    By Lil'lumes
    I have had the biggest desire for a space sci-fi like Star Wars or star trek and this paid the bill. It is intertwining fun and awesome writing in my opinion. Thank you for such an awesome and fun story.

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