100 Ways to Love Your Husband - Lisa Jacobson

100 Ways to Love Your Husband

By Lisa Jacobson

  • Release Date: 2014-05-05
  • Genre: Christianity
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What could I tell you about enjoying a great marriage? A happy and loving one. 

Now that we’ve been married for 21 years. We’ve laughed together, cried together, slept together, raised children together, and have walked together for over two decades. Two people who’ve been loving each other for a long time. 

So women often ask me, they wonder how it’s done. What has worked and what has helped us through the hard times? What has brought us this far? And what will keep us loving each other in the years to come? 

Whether you’re newly married, have been together for decades, or still waiting to meet the one God has for you, Lisa Jacobson of Club31Women.com offers practical steps on how you can enjoy a lasting, loving marriage too. 

Join her on the life-long journey of learning to love each other. 

You might also be interested in the companion book, 100 Ways to Love Your Wife, written by her husband, Matthew L. Jacobson.

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More Reviews

  • A little dated and repetitive

    By RahRah524
    I wasn’t terribly impressed. Read the entire thing in about 15 minutes. Some dated thinking implying that women are weak and need to be taken care of. Seems like a lot of the bullet points were repetitive...saying the same things just in a different way. I was really hoping for something more after reading the reviews.
  • Beautiful

    By Melissita99
    I bought this book when my fiancé at the time and I were facing hardships. We for some time decided to part ways and a year and a half later, decided to give this a try again. I picked up the book once again to make sure I can give him my best. I absolutely loved reading this book and learning of how I can love him and show him, as he deserves.
  • 100 ways to love your husband!!!

    By Survivorcancer88
    This is an excellent book of unanswered questions we as women share to understand our hubbys! Awesome! God is good!!
  • 100 Ways to Love Your Husband

    By ClementsRusty
    This book provided a number of things that I had already known but this book helped to remind me of the little things that I have stopped during the course of my marriage. I enjoyed the references from the Bible as well. This book was a quick read. It’s concise and well written.
  • Awesome

    By Jae b 76
    I have started using these tips and plan on reading this at every chance I can for daily reminders
  • A good read

    By blackerby10
    I hate to say it But my husband and I hit a wall after 8 years of marriage ( a week after our anniversary). It hasn't been easy but this book helped me to look at myself and what I can do to better our marriage. Sometimes an outsider with the same issues can lead you to the right path.

    By Waymon morris
    You won't be disappointed after you read this
  • Perfect reminder

    By Fabulous Doctor
    I plan to read it again and again! After 25 years of marriage 100 ways is a perfect priceless reminders of how to live and love! If you want love you have to give love and believe me it gives back!
  • Very timely and relevant!

    By Lady falling in love
    I stumbled upon this book one night while in 'fantasy mode' about the new amazing man in my life. While we are still in the beginning stages of our romance every single point made in this book I feel could be applied to my life now and in the future as we make our way to husband and wife! Very well written and easy to follow!!

    By Hebfait
    Thank you for such a simple but powerful book. I started reading it and found it difficult to put down. Everything written in this book is based on truth and scripture. I started applying the principles right away and saw a tremendous positive difference in my marriage. I will continue to use it as a daily reminder that two have now become one.

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