How to avoid getting indebted at the end of the year

Ideally put purposes every year, but for these dates those purposes must have culminated in its realization. The bitter drinks come when, in addition to not being fulfilled, the year ends in red. Basically indebted. It is not ideal, especially because the new year is coming and starting in debt does not help anything to fulfill your new purposes, in which you should have already been working.
Indebted at the end of the year? Avoid it

But the worst experience is that it has to go through the decembrinas dates with debts, which usually creeps up to the first months of the new year
Measure the expenses

Especially there are two types of expenses in which more is spent, gifts and food. They are times of parties and celebrations, but that is not an excuse to forget these two points.

The love for our friends and loved ones should not be measured in the amount or cost of the gifts we give. The stores have been responsible for making you believe that this is the case. The only goal they have is to make us spend, that’s why they also handle discounts like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. If what you really want is to give a gift, consider doing it yourself, that’s how you put a part of yourself and effort.

It can be said that they are times of excess, also in food. You do not eat what you normally eat, it’s more expensive food, and there are more outings with friends. If it is not included in your budget, do your best to save by comparing better costs or sharing costs with friends.
Do not miss partying and drinks

We all like to celebrate and spend time with the family, and the parties of course will have alcoholic beverages. These drinks are obviously more expensive than normal so limiting your intake not only saves you money, but also affects your health less.
Take care of impulsive spending

In emotion and get carried away by the cups can make impulsive purchases, especially things you do not need.
Build memories

Meanwhile eat and drink may end up drunk and even upset stomach, which will deprive him of spending time with family.

You will not spend a better Christmas if you spend a lot more money, but if you enjoy time with your family. If expenses are necessary, you can at least pre-empt yourself and work on a budget in advance. All purchases you make, compare prices and do not get carried away by deceptive offers. Be a responsible consumer.