How to get good Christmas finances in 30 days

Good Christmas finances in 30 days

At the beginning of December people start receiving extra bonuses, or the famous bonus. And with that money start stronger expenses. It is the moment when we think of gifts, dinner, new clothes, haircuts, etc. However we must be careful not to lose control and spend only what is under the budget.

Thinking that spending Christmas is not without a burden to pay for basic expenses and other things: as the education of their children, or be in need of a personal loan to pay their debts; we give you 30 suggestions. In a month you will achieve good finances on the eve of Christmas.
Day 1: Strategy

Before starting, it’s time to make a plan, one that avoids out-of-control purchases and focuses it.
Day 2: Savings

This is a challenge, you must spend these 30 days spending as little as possible and on the contrary saving that money.
Day 3: Decrease in expenses

Stop buying things you do not need, make a list of things you can do without and stop spending on them.
Day 4: Extra income

It’s time to look for how to get more money instead of spending more. What extra activities could you do? Sell ​​cookies, bake cakes, wrap gifts, etc.
Days 5: The gifts

Right now is that you must manage those who will give a gift, this with the aim of not spending more. It is also a good time not to forget to buy a gift to important people.
Day 6: Look for discounts

In all the seasons of the year I was able to find good discounts, you just have to be attentive enough to them. As long as it suits you and does not make you overspend. Nor is it about being a victim of marketing.
Day 7: Compare prices

With technology it is much easier to perform this task since from the comfort of your home you can make comparisons. Take the time to do this task and in the long run you will see that you have saved enough money.
Day 8: Exchange

Do not forget that Christmas is not just about giving something, it is sharing, giving and receiving. Another idea of ​​saving is that instead of giving to your whole family, make an exchange.
Day 9: The Christmas dinner

If you prefer someone else to cook dinner for you, it’s time to change. Make the effort to take the time to do it yourself, after all it is another way to share your affection.
Day 10: The food among all

Another good idea to save on food issues is for each member of the family to contribute some of the dinner. If everyone carries a dish, it will be less money that they will spend and it is another good way to share.