Why do they suffer finances during Christmas?

Why do they suffer finances at Christmas

The finances for the end of December and the beginning of the year are in very poor condition and we dare to say that it is due to the following reasons.
Anticipated spendings

People start making expenses in advance, especially when it comes to gifts. Sometimes it can be a good idea when you have contemplated the expenses and the money that will be received. But when you only plan to spend in advance without even having money, just to take advantage of offers, you can put at risk the money you can receive in the future. Most of the time it is through personal loans and credits.
Excessive expenses

Starting the Christmas season also begin to leave other types of expenses such as parties, dinners and other celebrations. Most of these expenses are not planned in a budget and starts to be spent believing that there will be sufficient financial solvency to cover the debts. When the money arrives you have debts or even have the excitement of spending more gifts, you end up losing the notion of how much you have spent.
Lack of savings

When spending is acceptable, that is, during Christmas, savings are easily lost. Any money or bonus that is received unexpectedly is often used to splurge. What many people do not know is that you can avoid headaches during the Christmas season if you anticipate all expenses, of course, through savings.
Lack of foresight

The excitement of the holidays can make us forget what comes next. In the best case is to stay in zeros, but in the worst situation is to start the year with new debts. These debts may continue to be paid for many months and may jeopardize the realization of other plans in the future.

The best way to avoid suffering financially at this time is by planning your expenses in detail. When it comes to buying gifts do not exceed the cost, it is well known that a personal or made by yourself can be worth much more than a very expensive gift. Establish a spending budget, both for parties, as gifts and adhere to it. The Christmas season is a time to spend as a family, happy and carefree, do not let your financial mismanagement ruin that moment.